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Whole Home Inspection

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Q: Why do I need a prelisting inspection?
A: To save time and money!

Issues that get fixed at the buyer's request when you're already in contract take extra time - for negotiation, the repair itself, and verification that the work was done.

Buyers often require that repairs made as part of the sale be done by professionals - even if the repair is minor and simple. Save money by doing what you can safely (and correctly) do on your own!

If there is a dispute about the condition of the home, you have the evidence to back up your word.

Make your house more attractive to potential buyers by advertising that your home is pre-inspected by Hane Home Inspections! Ask us about a free yard sign!


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When you have already hired us to do your prelisting inspection, you will receive a 15% discount on your new home's Whole Home Inspection.

Find out more about the buying side of the inspection process by clicking here.

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