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Meet the Owner

Don't let the young face fool you: James is no stranger to home inspecting. In fact, he has completed thousands of inspections, earning himself the title of Certified Master Inspector. He is also licensed in the state of Ohio, and has been in the field for five years. 

James first brushed up against the home inspecting world when he bought his first house. He didn't know much about houses at the time, and the inspector certainly didn't change that. His report was confusing, and he was reluctant to answer any questions. Walking away from the inspection that day, James didn't feel he had really learned much at all about the condition of the house!


Today, James strives to be the inspector he wished for that day. While his reports are still full of technical language, they come padded with clear pictures and a promise that James will explain anything you don't quite understand. He'll walk through the house with you (if you want), explaining what he's found and whether or not it's a cause for concern. If you don't understand anything, he will take the time to walk you through it. Whether this is your first house or your 50th, James will make sure you feel comfortable with your understanding of the condition of your home. 

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