Termite/WDI Inspections

     Wood Destroying Insects are insects that tear away at the wood in your home, including the wood in your structural supports and walls! Examples of wood destroying insects are termites, carpenter bees, powder post beetles, and carpenter ants. These insects attack not only moist or rotting wood, but also new, healthy wood that would otherwise last for years to come. 

     During a WDI inspection, we inspect your house inside and out for both the insects themselves and signs that they've been there. We are actually licensed for these inspections much like an exterminator, but unlike an exterminator, we do not benefit from you having or not having wood destroying insects. With Hane Home Inspections, you know you are getting an honest assessment.

     WDI Inspections are required for some types of mortgage loans. They can be added onto a home inspection and are included in our "Peace of Mind" package. They can also be ordered as a standalone service. 

wood damaged by termites